Stroke unit

EMERGENCY telephone: 061 or 112, keyword: „Código Ictus“

There is a protocol for acute stroke treatment on the island, comparable to the stroke units in Germany. The University Hospital Son Espases and the Clinic Groups Juaneda (Clínica Juaneda and Juaneda-Miramar), and Quiron (Clinica Rotger and Quirón PalmaPlanas) have a 24-hour service for the acute treatment of strokes which can be treated within six hours. (for further information regarding stroke see below)

Since December 2020, protocol for the acute treatment of strokes (Código Ictus) also exists at the Clinica Juaneda where I cooperate myself. The clinic has CT, MRI, ultrasound devices and a laboratory for the catheterization of thrombectomies. It is possible to be treated by me as an affiliated physician. Please indicate this during the first treatment by the emergency physician and on admission, or contact me yourself in case of an emergency (+34 687 632345).