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I would like to welcome you to the modern dental practice. In two bright treatment rooms with a view of the Tramuntana Mountains, we offer a wide range of dentistry in accordance with the latest technology. I am happy to take a lot of time with you so that you feel comfortable with us and attach great importance to a detailed initial consultation with individually tailored therapy planning. 

I provide dental care from when the first teeth appear right through to old age.


There are various reasons why a tooth can be lost. Every patient wants a long-term replacement. Dental implants are becoming increasingly popular because they are the most natural form of tooth replacement. The naturalness lies not only in the aesthetics, but also in the function of an implant, which is adapted to that of a real tooth. Implants have their own "root" that grows into the jaw and thus provides stability.

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Are your gums red and swollen? Do you often spit blood after brushing your teeth? This is usually due to gingivitis. Gingivitis is the inflammation of the gums caused by bacteria and biofilm that accumulate at the junction between the tooth and the gum. Gingivitis can be successfully treated with a professional dental cleaning (PZR) by thoroughly cleaning the gum pockets and interdental spaces, among other things. Patients who regularly attend a PZR appointment can avoid such gingivitis.

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Dental aesthetics

We are here for the health and beauty of your teeth. All our treatments focus not only on dental health but also on aesthetics. Every patient deserves to have teeth that are not only healthy but also beautiful. Nature is the ideal in the field of dental aesthetics and we take it as our model in every form of dental restoration. Whether implants, inlays, veneers, crowns or dentures - it is our great concern to provide you with dentures that look natural.

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Functional analysis / splint therapy

The temporomandibular joint is an enormously important and much-demanded part of the body. We use it to open and close our mouths. This is a natural process that we have to perform every day. It is all the worse when the temporomandibular joint causes painful problems. Many patients do not feel the pain caused by temporomandibular joint disorders in the joint itself, but may suffer from headaches and/or neck tension. By means of the functional analysis of the jaw, the cause of the temporomandibular joint complaints is first determined. Based on this diagnosis, a therapy is developed that will permanently relieve you of the jaw complaints.


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A radiant smile contributes enormously to a person's positive charisma. In recent years, the awareness that bright teeth make our smile even more beautiful has grown strongly. With the method we offer you in our dental practice, you will receive light-activated teeth whitening under professional supervision, thanks to which you will leave the practice with significantly whiter teeth.

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Prevention is the best medicine if you want to avoid dental treatment in the first place. We help you to maintain your dental health in the long term. We give you valuable tips for optimal dental care and offer you professional dental cleaning (PZR) at regular intervals.

PZR & BLEACHING - The perfect combination for radiant white teeth

Beautiful teeth should not only be healthy and clean, but also white if possible. A professional teeth cleaning provides the optimal basis for subsequent bleaching. Thanks to the perfectly cleaned, smooth surface, the whitening result is even.


 Unnoticed from the outside, caries can also destroy the tooth from the inside. Patients often only recognise the problem when they experience pain from inflammation. The tooth loses its vitality and dies. A dead or root-treated tooth does not need to be removed. After successful root canal treatment (usually three sessions), it can be restored with dentures (e.g. a new crown) and continue to live normally next to the other teeth.

Child prophylaxis and fissure sealing

Children's prophylaxis is about raising awareness of the importance of daily tooth brushing and oral hygiene in general among the youngest children. In the practice, we take your child on its way to an independent, responsible approach to its own dental health. And we design this "journey" very gently and playfully, with a lot of patience and time. In this way, we teach your child the basic knowledge for his or her dental health and create the necessary confidence so that dental fear doesn't stand a chance in the first place.

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Prosthetics / dentures

It is our concern to keep your teeth healthy for as long as possible. But this is not always possible. If major tooth defects or even tooth loss and gaps occur, these must be treated quickly so that the function and aesthetics of the entire dentition and, last but not least, the patient's quality of life are preserved.

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Maxillofacial surgery

Maxillofacial surgery is the branch of dentistry that deals with surgical interventions in the entire oral cavity. These interventions in the oral cavity can affect the teeth, the jaw bones and the surrounding soft tissue, i.e. the entire periodontium including the gums.

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