About the Palma Clinic

The Palma Clinic was founded in the year 2007 by the Gynaecologist Dr. Paul Raas and the Paediatrician Dr. Oliver Haak as a network of several specialists to be able to offer patient-oriented medicine for international patients, in particular. The team very soon expanded to include an Orthopaedist and the Internist Dr. Carsten Henningsen; the medical spectrum could thus be increased considerably.

In the beginning of 2013, the Palma Clinic then merged with the Urology practice Dr. Stefan Kamp, and in the course thereof, moved into new modern premises and is currently the leading Medical Centre in the Balearic Islands under the direction of both Managing Directors Dr. Stefan Kamp and Dr. Carsten Henningsen.

The Palma clinic offers a competent ambulatory treatment at a high international level in a private atmosphere. The direct connection to the private clinic Quirón additionally allows for inpatient care in one of the most modern hospitals of the Balearic Islands.